Time stamp format error?

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Time stamp format error?

Postby PM2015 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 5:28 pm

Hi Roger:
I am using the relative time option to record my data. Although the output format is supposed to be HH:MM:SS.sss (which can easily be converted to total minutes in MS Excel or other spreadsheet/statistical software) the actual output from CoolTerm has the format HH:MM:SS:sss. Due to the colon for the milliseconds, MS Excel cannot handle it, and the scientific plotting software I use cannot recognize it either. Could you correct that please? I have seen Java programs online to manipulate the SS:sss format, but not being a computer guy, I am having trouble converting the current output to minutes (unless I do it manually; I collect data for 72 hours at 5 minute intervals, so that will be painful to do with 1728 lines).

Also, on a future release if you can add the options of having relative time stamped as total minutes or hours (and fractions of hours) it would be a great help, as some scientific experiments we biochemists or biologists run go for 24-72 hours or longer. Seconds and milliseconds are of little value for us when we are monitoring human cells that double every 16-24 hours.Of course, seconds come in handy when we do biophysics related measurements.
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