CoolTerm v2.0.1 Released

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CoolTerm v2.0.1 Released

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v2.0.1: 12/20/2022

- The line mode command history is can now be saved in the connection settings. This option can be enabled via the Terminal Options.
- Updated code to automatically create the application data folder if it doesn't exist when saving recent files and last session information.
- Added handling of iotcl errors on macOS and Linux when attempting connect to virtual serial ports creates with socat, ble-serial, etc. This allows connecting to such ports but the selected options such as baudrate, etc., may not be valid (which might not matter).
- Changed the default for "Wait for Termination String" under the file capture options from true to false.
- Replaced ESC[;H with ESC[2J as the escape sequence used to clear screen.
- Added option to use either ASCII 3 (ETX) or ESC[;H to home the display (i.e. scroll it to the very top).
- Improved transmit macro code to honor aborting the current macro during a long <delay> statement.

- Increased the clickable area for the quick menu in the lower left corner and changed GUI widget.
- A clicked LEDs no longer toggles its value if the mouse button is released outside the LED.
- Made TX, RTS, and DTR LED labels clickable. Clicking the corresponding labels now has the same effect as clicking the LEDs themselves.
- Improved responsiveness of handshake LEDs.
- The font size in plain text and hex view can now be changed by using the scroll wheel while pressing the CTRL key.
- Added context menu item to plain text and hex displays to more easily access font settings.
- Updated menu short cuts to toggle status line to also require pressing the Alt (or Option on macOS) key to allow CMD-SHIFT-R to be used to stop a file capture again.

- Pressing the OK button in Chart Properties and Trace Properties windows now immediately redraws the chart rather than waiting for a refresh triggered by new received data.
- The x-axis scaling method is now automatically set to "Auto" whenever the source for the x-axis values is changed.
- Whenever the source for the x-axis value is changed to one of the data columns, CoolTerm will update the X-axis label to the name of the trace associated with the selected data column.
- Improved drawing code when plotting against "Time of day" on the x-axis to skip horizontal lines when time stamps change from the end of the day to the beginning of the day.

- Updated Python scripting example 1 to demonstrate the use of additional useful commands.
- [Python Scripting] Improved text encodings for sending and receiving text data in module.
- Added instructions on how to revert CoolTerm to applications defaults to the built-in help.
- Updated crash report to use mailto: instead of FormMail.
- [Linux] Building for 64-Bit ARM systems
- [Linux] Support for dark mode
- [Win] Building for 64-Bit ARM systems

- Previous sessions are now restored even after an improper termination of the app.
- CoolTerm no longer tries to open an send progress window when sending macros with a lot of text, to prevent a ThreadAccessingUI exception.
- [Win] Fixed bug that would freeze the terminal window in plain text mode when moving it between screens with different display scaling factors (e.g. moving from a HiDPI screen to a non-HiDPI screen).
- Fixed bug that caused the serial port info button to not be populated with information when the Connection Options window first opened.
- fixed bug that would overwrite some chart properties when the dialog opens.
- Fixed bug that would cause traces to be drawn incorrectly when plotting against "Time of day" on the x-axis when timestamps include milliseconds.
- [Win][Linux] fixed bug that would tell the user that the scripting sockets are already in use when a 2nd instance of CoolTerm is launched and scripting sockets are enabled.
- [Win][Linux] fixed bug that would make the built-in help view not accessible when opened from the Chart and Trace Properties windows.
- [macOS] added code to prevent being able to close Connection Options or Trace Properties windows while a color picker window is still open as that could otherwise crash the app.
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