Send Entire ASCII Capture File Out Serial Port

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Send Entire ASCII Capture File Out Serial Port

Postby pmonahan » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:49 am


I have hundreds of ASCII log files that I captured from our hardware's serial port using CoolTerm during hardware development.

I now have a third-party utility that can monitor the device via the serial port to analyze ASCII data in a realtime environment using a GUI.

In addition to connecting the hardware and analyzing realtime data with the 3rd party utility, I would also like to "replay" the ASCII data that I have previously captured as text files, out to a serial port.

I believe that this is as simple as using 'Send Text File'.

Q: Can this be done without physical serial connections if both CoolTerm and the 3rd Party Utility reside on the same machine?


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Re: Send Entire ASCII Capture File Out Serial Port

Postby roger » Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:04 pm

There is a way to connect two serial terminals (or other serial port apps) on the same machine with virtual serial port emulators (e.g. There seem to be several different options available, depending on your platform (Mac, Windows, Linux). I don't have a particular recommendation as I haven't really tested any of them.

For a platform-independent option, there are dual-serial port adapters (e.g. and null-modem adapters (e.g. ... 075XGRLXW/) to connect the two ports. Not exactly a "non-physical" solution, but I one I know to be working flawlessly.
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