CoolTerm ... Pls support ESC CursorHome :)

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CoolTerm ... Pls support ESC CursorHome :)

Postby junglewiz » Tue Dec 01, 2020 4:09 pm

Hi Roger,
My search for a great serial port monitor program has landed me to CoolTerm ... and yes I have tried many many many other terminal programs.
All these serial programs meeting most of my NEEDED criteria but not all. It would seem that if CoolTerm could support 1 (yes one!) terminal ESC command I would have found my serial port monitor program of choice ... and I would gladly donate in appreciation.

The HW I connect to ... streams out needed realtime information to monitor the HW status (ie once I send a serial command the HW forever sends out the repeating stream)
It starts the stream with:

Esc[;H Move cursor to upper left corner cursorhome

This ANSI VT100 Esc sequence tries to position the display to 0,0 for a new "raster" scan of the monitored data from the HW.
The fact that CoolTerm will support multiple serial ports ... coupled with support for this ONE escape command would be the ANSWER

Thanks for your con$ideration :)
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Re: CoolTerm ... Pls support ESC CursorHome :)

Postby roger » Fri Mar 19, 2021 2:20 pm


The TextArea control CoolTerm uses doesn't support moving the cursor to specific coordinates and over writing characters. However, would it suffice it CoolTerm cleared the screen whenever it receives Esc[;H? This would effectively move the cursor to the top left corner. I think this is something that could be done.

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