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New CoolTerm Features Request

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:45 am
by bobrad
June 9, 2018


With reference to CoolTerm:

I have just started to use CoolTerm on the advice of a friend. One feature that would be very nice in an effort to put received data into a CSV or Excel format, would be to allow the insertion of a comma (or other string termination character) at the end of each data string or word.

Another feature that would be awesome would be to have a feature to automatically determine the correct baud rate for a received data stream. Some times we want to connect to a device, but don't know the correct baud rate at which the device is sending data. Auto baud detection would be really great in these situations.

BTW -- Congratulations of providing a great little program which is very well documented in the help file. It is refreshing to see (and use) a great program with such concise and well written documentation!