DataPlotClasses 1.3.0 released

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DataPlotClasses 1.3.0 released

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Version History:


- Added TextLabel class that can be used to display text in a graph
- Added Trace.Visible that can be used to turn traces on and off. Default is TRUE
- Figure.Draw: when this method is called without an argument, Figure.Refresh is now called.
- Added MinorGrid as an option.
- Added an event that fires after a Graph has been autoscaled. The Graph that was scaled as well as the affected Axis are passed as argument.

- Fixed bug that could return a wrong DPoint index in traces that contain datapoints with identical
pixel coordinates.
- Added the following property to Figure:
- EnableMouseEvents as boolean (default is true)

5/6/09: v1.2.1
- Added ByRef DPoint as integer to Trace.Contains to return the index of the Datapoint that
contains the passed coordinates. If no point was found, DPoint is -1.
- Added DPoint as integer as passed arguments to all trace mouse events in Figure,
i.e. Figure.MouseDownTrace, Figure.MouseOverTrace, and Figure.TraceClick
- Added xVal and yVal as return values to the Figure.BoxClick and Figure.TraceClick events
- Added several MouseDown events to Figure, i.e. Figure.MouseDownTrace,
Figure.MouseDownBox, Figure.MouseDownGraph, Figure.MouseDownFigure

11/20/08: v1.2.0
- Added StemPlot. This resulted in the addition of the following methods and properties
- Graph.StemPlot
- Trace.Stem
- Trace.MarkerSolid
- Added more customizable properties:
- Graph.TextColor
- Legend.BoxColor
- Legend.BoxFrameColor
- Legend.TextColor
- Improved drawing of the markers
- Improved drawing of legend
- Bugfixes
- Rewrote some of the demo projects and added new ones

11/11/08: v1.1.2
- Fixed a memory leak that occured in use cases where an application initializes
a Figure multiple time. Details:
- Added an 'Initialize' method to Graph that sets all the traces to nil, redims the traces
array to -1, and sets the legend to nil. This method also resets all the colors to their
- Improved Figure.Initalize to call Graph.Initialize for each of its graphs and to redim the
the Graphs array to -1

10/18/07: v1.1.1
- Made improvements to the code for automatic axis scaling and automatic
tickmark generation as well as automatic tickmark label generation.

03/09/07: v1.1
- added support for logarithmic scales to Graph (see example "DataPlot Demp 4.rbp")
- added Legend class
- added Legend support to Graph class
- implemented a speed improvement for large datasets by not plotting datapoints if they
fall on the same pixel as the previous datapoint

11/13/06: v1.0
- initial release
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