CoolTerm 1.7.0 Released

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CoolTerm 1.7.0 Released

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- Added preference setting to disable the save prompt that appears when a terminal window with unsaved changes is closed.
- Added "Remove High Bit from 8-bit Characters" option under "Special Character Handling".
- Added context menu to port status labels for a quick way to change the baud rate from the main window.
- Added context menu to connection status labels for a quick way to pause/resume/stop file capture.
- Added RX/TX byte counts to connection status label.
- Added configurations options for the connection timer and RX/TX byte counts to Connection Settings (Misc. Settings)
- Replaced option to reduce refresh rate with new option to configure the refresh interval between 10...10,000ms.
- Obsoleted selection for UTF8 text encoding and added new option to select from a variety of text encodings.
- Updated local echo code for when large files are being sent. The local echo now updates after transmission of each transmit packet.
- Removed Font Settings from the Preferences dialog. Font settings are no longer stored as part of the application wide preferences.
- Added Font Settings to Connection Options to allow individual settings in different terminal windows. Font settings are now stored as part of connection settings.
- [Mac] Setting default for "Enable AppleScript" to true, for consistency when upgrading from previous versions of CoolTerm where AppleScript was always enabled.
- [Mac] Added the following AppleScript Commands:
- ShowWindow(ID as integer) // brings specified window to foreground
- Print(ID as integer) // prints the contents of the specified window
- [BETA]: Cross-platform scripting support via remote control socket.

- Added colorization to status labels.
- Renamed "Ignore receive signal errors" to "Ignore receive signal framing errors" Changed the default for "Ignore Receive Signal Errors" to True.
- [Win] Added *.bin and *.hex extensions to default file type set for the "Send Textfile" dialog
- [Win] Added *.* to the "All Files" type set to ensure all files are displayed in the "Send Textfile" dialog
- Renamed "Send Textfile..." menu item to "Send Text/Binary File...".
- Renamed "Capture Textfile..." menu item to "Capture Text/Binary File...".
- Renamed "Capture Text Options" group to "Capture File Options".
- Renamed "Send Text Options" group to "Send File Options"
- Minor tweaks to Preferences and Connections Settings GUIs to improve look on Linux and Raspberry Pi.
- Disabling startup splash window to improve launch time.
- Updated built-in help

- [Win] Improved autoscrolling code to avoid flickering and undesired shifts of the scroll position.
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