CoolTerm v1.8.0 released!

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CoolTerm v1.8.0 released!

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Release notes:

1.8.0: 10/12/2020
- Replaced "Relative Time" timestamp format with "Time + Millis". It is now possible to record current time stamps with millisecond resolution, and the relative timestamp format is no longer necessary.
- Renamed the "Absolute Date and Time" and "Absolute" timestamp formats to "Date and Time" and "Time", respectively.
- Added code to improve accuracy for millisecond resolution timestamps.
- Added option to add timestamps to received data displayed in the CoolTerm window. The timestamps are added to the actual data, i.e. they will also be present in hex view.
- [Mac][Win] Added Preferences setting for smart display pausing. If enabled, scrolling up automatically pauses the display. Scrolling to the bottom automatically unpauses the display.
- "PauseDisplay" is no longer a Connection Settings parameter.
- Added "PauseDisplay(ID as integer, Value as boolean)" script command.
- Added keyboard shortcuts to toggle RTS and DTR handshake lines.
- Added "Remote" menu that is visible when the Remote Control Socket is enabled via the preferences. The menu item indicates if the socket is connected or not. The "Disconnect" menu item can be used to close and active connection.
- Added context menu item to connection status label for an easy way to reveal the capture file.
- Added button to "Save as Default" message dialog to open the default file location.
- Selecting either the rated or maximum speed from the serial port information popup in the Serial Port Options, will set the baud rate to the selected value.
- [Win] Added SPACE and MARK parity options (not supported on macOS or Linux yet).
- [macOS] 32-Bit builds are no longer supported.

- Added "GetFrontmostWindow as integer" script command.
- [Mac] GUI tweak for better compatibility with macOS Big Sur.
- [Win] Improved mouse wheel scroll performance.
- Added better error handling when the remote control socket port or HTTP server port are already in use by another app.
- Updated code for line mode history so that its behavior is consistent with UNIX style consoles.
- Updated code to use use Serial Port API 2.0.

- Fixed bug in the script engine that prevented serial port parameters from being updated when a script changes them via "SetParameter".
- [Linux] fixed a bug that could sometimes result in bytes being lost during plain text to hexadecimal conversion.
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