CoolTerm 2.1.0 released

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CoolTerm 2.1.0 released

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2.1.0: 12/30/2023

- Added support for saving and loading sessions.
- Added support for notifications. Events like the addition or removal of serial ports can now generate notifications, if enabled via the preferences.
- Added option to replace connection error message boxes with notifications.
- Added function to send received data to the ports of other currently connected CoolTerm windows.
- Added "Custom..." serial port menu item port selection popup menu to allow entering a custom port name.
- Added option to configure a TCP connection as a server.
- Added option to prefix and suffix sent data with selected transmit macros.
- Added option to play a sound when new incoming data is detected.
- Added option to prevent terminal window closure in the connection settings. Enabling this option will prevent the CoolTerm window from being closed by the close button or the File > Close Window menu item. The only way to close the window is to quit CoolTerm
- Added support for the emulation of number pad Enter key presses.
- Pressing Enter/Return together with CTRL and/or SHIFT now provides for an easy selection of line endings, in addition to the enter key emulation setting.
- Added option to Preferences to automatically save connection settings when closing terminal windows or quitting. Settings must have been previously saved to a file in order for CoolTerm to be able to automatically save them.
- Added option to automatically unpause the display when new date is being transmitted.
- Added "SetFrontmostWindow(ID as integer, BringToFront as boolean)" scripting command.
- Added limited support for ANSI text formatting sequences to plain text view.
- Added option to use a different color for local echo. ANSI text formatting needs to be be enabled to use this option.

- Added "Append..." menu item to File Capture menu. This allows appending to an existing capture file. This is also supported via scripting.
- If "Append to auto capture file is turned on" without an auto capture file name having been specified, CoolTerm will now give the user the option to abort the capture and specify a file name in the options, or to proceed with the capture using the default file name.
- Added options to include CoolTerm connection error messages in the received data and capture files.
- Added option to ask the user for a filename when auto capture is enabled. If disabled, CoolTerm will use the default filename.
- Added option to display the capture filename in the status bar.
- CoolTerm now adds the title of the current CoolTerm window to the default filename for capture files when manually starting a capture (the same as it does when a capture is started automatically).

- Added a "Days" option to the timestamp "Scale" setting in the Chart Properties.
- Added option to restrict the number of data points per line to be plotted in chart mode. Enabling this option will only plot lines with the exact number of data points to be plotted. All others will be ignored.
- Added feature to copy chart data to clipboard. In Chart display mode, Edit/Copy or selecting "Copy Chart Data" from the context menu will copy the chart data to the clipboard in TAB separated format.
- Improved data handling in Chart mode. CoolTerm now attempts to extract numerical values even if data items have leading (such as e.g. prefixes) or trailing (such a e.g. units) non-numeric characters.
- Added support for custom timestamp separators in Chart mode.

- Improved handling of HTTPSocket connection exceptions.
- TCP client connections will now attempt to reconnect after the connection was lost and the option to "reconnect after port loss" is enabled.
- Added "None" as an available option for enter key emulation.
- Expanded the range of ANSI escape sequences CoolTerm can filter out to include Fp, Fe, and Fs sequences.
- Improved hex data entry in the "Send String" text area. Spaces are now automatically inserted and typed characters are converted to upper case.
- [macOS] Serial ports are now displayed with the manufacturer name (where available).
- [Win] COM ports are now displayed with their "friendly" names in addition to their COMx designations.
- Made code to restore previous sessions more robust.
- If "Notify after sending" is enabled, CoolTerm will now only notify when sending files. If notifications are enabled in the preferences, a notification will be displayed. Otherwise, a short sound will be played.
- Added support for extra details to "Disconnected" status label when connection errors occur.
- Added "Macro" tab to the connections settings from where macros can be managed.
- Updated code in connection options dialog to only update the port when any of the port settings have been touched instead of always updating the port when the OK button is pressed to close the options window.
- CoolTerm now honors the auto capture file, appended with a unique time stamp name when starting an auto capture and "Append to auto capture file" is disabled. If no file name is specified, CoolTerm will continue to use the default file name.

- [Win] fixed issue where the message dialog when loading settings saying that the selected port isn't available would be obscured by the terminal window.
- [Linux] making sure that, when opening settings, the terminal window is visible before displaying a "port not available" dialog.
- Fixed an issue with scripting command SetFrontmostWindow that would cause the display of windows being brought forward to be paused.
- Fixed bug that would cause mismatch between selections in hex view when bytes above 0x7F are being displayed.
- Fixed bug that can result in an unhandled exception when "Find Next" is used when there is no data in the plain text window.
- It is now possible to use the HOME and END keys in line mode to scroll the received data.
- [Win] Typing CTRL+H and CTRL+M now correctly generates the proper control characters (0x08 and 0x0D).
- [macOS] Typing CTRL+H now produces character 0x08 (BS) as expected rather than 0x7F (DEL).
- [Win] Stack traces are properly generated for unhandled exceptions.
- Fixed a bug that can result in a TCP connection being closed when a serial port is lost.
- [macOS] Fixed a bug that would incorrectly restore the vertical position of terminal windows with the toolbar enabled.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent windows from being placed on screens other than the main screen when restored from connection settings.
- [Linux] Fixed bug that prevents the terminal window width from being made less than 800 pixels.
- Fixed bug that would result in an invalid baudrate selection in the baudrates popup menu in the connection options after opening the quick access menu and selecting the "Ports" or "Baudrates" menu titles, which could lead to an OutOfBounds exception after clicking OK to close the connection settings menu item.
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