Update: CooLTerm v1.3.0

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Update: CooLTerm v1.3.0

Post by roger »

I'm happy to announce that CoolTerm v1.3.0 has finally been released today. Many thanks to all the beta testers for the helpful feedback!

Here is what's new:

New features:
- Added a transmit line delay option which adds a specified delay after certain characters such as new line characters (configurable).
- Added a transmit character delay option (configurable).
- Added a "Connection/Send Break" menu item for sending serial breaks.
- Added the option to play a notification sound after a text file has been sent.
- Added auto-connect feature.
- Added the .hex file extension to the "Text Files" file type set (for the "Send Text File" dialog).
- It is now possible to have default settings loaded at startup and when a new terminal window is opened. If a default.stc settings file exsists in the application folder of CoolTerm, it will be applied to new terminal windows.
- Added a menu item to save current settings as default settings.

- Pressing ENTER or RETURN in the connection settings dialog now envokes the "Ok" button, even if a textfield is currently selected.
- Pressing ESC in the connection settings dialog now envokes the "Cancel" button, even if a textfield is currently selected.
- Pressing Shift+ENTER or Shift+RETURN now invokes the "Send" button in "Send String" windows.
- Improved handling of command line arguments.
- The values for "Receive Buffer Size" and the character and line delays are now limited to a range from 0 to a maximum value (2,147,483,647 and 10,000, respectively).
- When a "Send String" window is opened, the text field now receives focus automatically.
- Improved exception handling and error reporting.
- Improved behavior of the command history buffer and menu.
- GUI improvements.

- Fixed a bug that allowed opening multiple "Save As..." for the same Terminal window dialogs on Windows.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a StackOverflow on serial port errors due to calling port.flush
- Fixed bug that could cause a crash when sending empty strings via a "Send String" window.
- (Win) Fixed issue that would allow the terminal window to be activated via the taskbar when the connection options window is open.
- Several minor bug fixes.

Get it at http://freeware.the-meiers.org
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