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The benefits of crash reporting

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:31 pm
by roger
During the last couple of months I've invested some time in the development of a crash reporting system allowing the user to submit an automatically generated report in the event of a crash. This system has been deployed as part of the latest releases of both CoolTerm and BatchTouch. It has already allowed me to track down 2 bugs in CoolTerm that I would not have been able to fix without the details in these reports. It even led me a to bug in the crash reporting code :-) So far the crash reporting system has been a success and it allowed me to release CoolTerm v1.3.1 which addresses these bugs.

However, virtually no user currently takes advantage of the option to provide additional details or an e-mail address to allow me to recreate the scenario that has led to the crash. There currently is a type of crash in CoolTerm for which, without any additional details, I'm unable to determine a cause. I would like to encourage every user of CoolTerm to at least provide an e-mail address I can use to follow up on the details of the crash if necessary. Your support with this will allow me to provide you with a better version of CoolTerm.