CoolTerm 2.0.0 released!

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CoolTerm 2.0.0 released!

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2.0.0: 09/17/2022

- New chart display (similar to Arduino serial plotter, but with a lot more options)
- Configurable toolbar
- New application, document, toolbar, and LED icons (courtesy of Greg Willits)
- New UI for transmit macro management
- Support for delays, serial BREAK, and repetition to transmit macros
- Support for controlling DTR and RTS signals from transmit macros.
- Support for raw TCP connections
- Support for select transmit and receive ANSI Escape sequences
- Capability to include "Received" and "Sent" labels in capture files
- Updated Hex Viewer with capability to select and copy/paste hex data
- Completely overhauled built-in help (HTML stylization courtesy of Greg Willits)
- [Win] Support for dark mode on Windows systems.

- Moved option to show/hide toolbar from preferences to connection settings
- Updated method used to store command line history. The command line history is now only updated if the current command is not equal to the previous one. Empty lines (enter key only) are not recorded.
- Added capability to manually toggle break signal by clicking the TX LED or via the Connection/Toggle Break menu item.
- Replaced status label context menus with dedicated quick access menu located in the bottom left of the status bar.
- Changed "Capture Local Echo" option to "Capture transmit data" and made capturing of outgoing data independent of whether local echo is turned on in the terminal options.
- Improved responsiveness of RX and TX status indicator LEDs.
- Split "Ignore Receive Signal Framing Errors" into separate options to ignore serial break conditions and framing errors.
- Updated status bar label with information on the currently running macro. When a macro is running the status label will change the text color to blue.
- Added option to automatically start a macro when the terminal opens.
- Added "Wait for remote echo" option for throttling data transmission.
- Updated Hex viewer with the ability to vary the number of characters per row when the window width changes.
- The text selection is maintained across view modes (e.g. plain text and hex).
- Added an additional date/time format to the Preferences to provide an option to remove time zone information.
- CoolTerm now checks the availability of fonts specified in loaded settings before applying. If a font is not available on the user's system, the default font will be applied.
- CoolTerm now checks the existence of the capture path specified in loaded settings before applying. If a capture path does not exist, the default path will be applied.
- "Wait for Termination String" in the "Capture File Options" is now independent of time stamps. This option can now be used without adding timestamps to captured data.
- The status display now shows the byte counts with thousands separators.
- Added option to connection settings to keep the terminal window always on top of other windows.
- Added menu item to the File menu to reveal the location of the current settings file.
- CoolTerm now saves crash log information to the user's application data directory.
- [Mac] CoolTerm now alerts the user when it is being launched from the downloaded disk image.
- Added "Help..." buttons to various dialogs.
- Added feature to avoid plain text flicker for Linux platforms (such as e.g. Raspberry Pi) where the way the text display is updated with the receive buffer contents causes the display to be redrawn multiple times when new data is added. The caveat is that enabling this feature will cause certain special character handling features to not work properly, though.

- Fixed a bug that would prevent 'Combine Contiguous Carriage Returns' and 'Handle CR as real Carriage Return' from working properly when 'Format TAB separated text' is enabled.
- [Win] Fixed bug that would cause a crash when printing the contents of the plain text display.
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