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Connecting to UART-enabled BLE devices with CoolTerm

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2022 3:10 pm
by roger
In order to be able to connect to BLE devices with UART, it is necessary to bind a virtual serial port (supported in CoolTerm 2.0.1 and newer) to the device. Here is how:
  1. Install ble-serial
  2. Use ble-scan from the command line to discover the ID for your device.
  3. Use ble-serial -d to connect to your device. When successful, it will create a virtual serial port.
  4. If you are using macOS or Linux, CoolTerm will not be able to automatically detect the new virtual serial port. Create a ports.ini text file and the pat to the new port (e.g. /dev/ttys001) to the file. Place the ports.ini file into to the same location as your CoolTerm executable. More information on adding serial ports to CoolTerm can be found in the built-in help on the "Configuration for Advanced Users" section.
  5. If you are using Window, follow the Additonal Steps for Windows to create the virtual port.
  6. Rescan the serial ports from the Connection Options. The new virtual port should now be listed in the "Ports" popup menu. Select it from the menu.
  7. Connect to the selected port. You should now be able to communicate with your device with CoolTerm.
As of this writing, CoolTerm 2.0.1 is still in Beta. To participate in beta testing, sign up to the beta testers mailing list here: ...