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DataPlotClasses v1.2.1 released

Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 2:53 pm
by roger
I released an update the DataPlotClasses today. The version for this release is v1.2.1 and it includes the following changes:
  • Added ByRef DPoint as integer to Trace.Contains to return the index of the Datapoint that contains the passed coordinates. If no point was found, DPoint is -1.
  • Added DPoint as integer as passed arguments to all trace mouse events in Figure, i.e. Figure.MouseDownTrace, Figure.MouseOverTrace, and Figure.TraceClick
  • Added xVal and yVal as return values to the Figure.BoxClick and Figure.TraceClick events
  • Added several MouseDown events to Figure, i.e. Figure.MouseDownTrace, Figure.MouseDownBox, Figure.MouseDownGraph, Figure.MouseDownFigure
  • Renamed the examples more appropriately and included a new example that demonstrates the concept of adding/inserting/dragging/deleting of datapoints using the mouse.