New App: CoolTerm for Mac and Windows

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New App: CoolTerm for Mac and Windows

Postby roger » Tue May 19, 2009 2:57 pm

CoolTerm is a simple serial port terminal application (no terminal emulation) that is geared towards hobbyists and professionals with a need to exchange data with hardware connected to serial ports such as servo controllers, robotic kits, GPS receivers, microcontrollers, etc.
The features of CoolTerm include:

  • Capability of multiple concurrent connections if multiple serial ports are available.
  • Display of received data in textual or hexadecimal format.
  • Sending data via keypresses as well as a "Send String" dialog that support data entry in textual or hexadecimal format.
  • Sending data via pasting of text into the terminal window.
  • Sending of text files.
  • Capability of recording received data to text files.
  • Local echoing of transmitted data.
  • Local echoing of received data (loop back to sender).
  • Hardware (CTS, DTR) and software flow control (XON).
  • Optical line status indicators.
  • Capability of manually toggling RTS and DTR signals when hardware flow control is disabled.
  • Capability of loading and saving connection options.

Check it out:
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